December 31, 2010

More of my work!

Letters- Front

Letters -Back

Green- Front one

Green- Back one

Green- Front two

Green- Back two

a few more of my creations...

These are some of the other cushions I made this year...enjoy:)

Reindeer- Front


White Christmas- Front

White Christmas- Back

White Christmas- Button Detail

my mom...

Now although I would like to think I'm a naturally gifted crafter, I will have to give my mom all the credit of teaching me how to create and design!
The next few items are some of  her creations! I will post more as I take pictures of them...xoxo.



Lisa's Lamb

so cute right?

let's not forget the tail!

November 22, 2010

Craft Shows 2010

Here's a preview of some of my creations...more to come!

Strippy Squirrel Front-Sold
Strippy Squirrel Back-Sold

Green Christmas-Sold
Cozy Wool Cushion with Rosettes-Available
Creepy Birds Front- Sold
Creepy Birds Back-Sold

Two Birds-Available
Blue Bird-Sold
Chanel Christmas Front-Available
Chanel Christmas Back-Available

Bright Green Christmas-Sold